Autumn, Suburban Machiavelli (tyrsalvia) wrote in sfba_cell,
Autumn, Suburban Machiavelli

Unitarian Jihad Action - SATURDAY!

My plans have been top sekrit (read, last minute), so I haven't posted until now. Every year, in conjunction with my website,, I run a small convention at my house. We have a small group for KallistiCon this year, and we've decided to do a small Unitarian Jihad type action.

Tomorrow/Today - Saturday the 23rd, we will be having a guerilla meet 'n' greet in Mountain View. We'll have nametags, friendly handshakes, and cookies and lemonade to share with anyone who'd like to stop and have a chat for a while. We'll be at the Center for Performing Arts on Castro Street in Mountain View tomorrow, at 1o'clock (we're hoping for earlier, but we'll definately be there by 1). If you'd like to stop by and join us, or just have a snack and a conversation, we'd love to see you! Howdy, Neighbor!
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